We value convenience and ease of use when it comes to our designs. In order to provide the best smoking experience, we wanted cleaning to be a breeze. Our unique spring-loaded ash ejection mechanism does a great job of cleaning the DART on its own, but residue build up is inevitable with prolonged use. Fortunately, we engineered our DARTs to be quickly taken apart with some basic tools so they could be given a simple isopropyl alcohol soak that will make them perform like new.

The DART Cleaning Kit


This kit consists of all the tools to give your DART that fresh start. Simply add isopropyl alcohol to the tube, take your DART apart by unscrewing the button, soak and shake, then finish with the poker or wire brush as needed. 


Cleaning tube with screw top (0.6 x 4in)

Stainless steel poker (3.3in)

Two Wire brushes (3.8in)

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