The DART Company was born out of a pretty specific need. Our founder, Anthony, was traveling around Europe, and, as he recalls, there just wasn’t a discrete and convenient way for him to smoke flower on the go. Smoking half a joint to conserve his supply (which wasn’t easy to obtain in Europe at the time) and then relighting it wasn’t a tasty experience, traditional pipes might break in his bag, and they both smelled when stored and weren’t easy to keep clean. On various train trips between cities, the idea for the original DART was born– a revolutionary one hitter pipe that was incredibly simple to load (with its beveled edge), allowed you to smoke only as much flower as desired, and contained an ingenious spring-loaded ash ejection mechanism so that it would require only infrequent cleaning.

When Anthony returned home to California, he drew up some designs with a manufacturer, looked at various materials before confirming that anodized aluminum made the most sense. A few months later, the first DARTs were delivered for testing. Since then, the company has moved well beyond the DART, expanding into various other smoking and storage accessories that make life better for the serious smoker but always remaining true to Anthony’s original vision of groundbreaking design, affordable prices, and smart convenience.

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